Best arbitrage bookmakers for the UEFA Champions League

uefa-champions-league-arbitrage-betting¬†While many people bet on the Champions League from the group stages all the way to the final match (and a number of punters only arb bet on the Champions League), the final few games is really where the value can be found, if you are an arbitrage punter. During, let’s say, the group stages of the CL, there are plenty of games to bet on, some bookies offering good odds on a few of them, another bookmaker showing more value on a different set of Champions League group stages’ games, but when we get down to the semi-finals and the final, one of the pillars of capitalism kicks in, namely – the competition.

There is a finite number of punters in the UK (or the Mainland, for that matter) and all the popular bookmakers and betting sites are fighting to get a piece of that finite business. Some bookmakers will use bonuses and free bets as their main enticement for new customers, but the truth is that it will all boil down to the betting odds: which bookie offers the best odds on which markets. And this is where the smart arbitrage bettor can come in and scoop the profits.

Whether you are a pro or a beginner, it’s easy to realize that with the online bookmakers at each-other’s throats – arbitrage betting is a great proposition in the final few games of the Champions League, even more so than the EPL or the 1/4 finals. With just four games left – the bookmakers want to get as much action as possible and so do the punters. But if you want to take advantage of the odds and do some arb betting – be aware that there are not that many reputable online bookmakers that are willing to take the arbitrage action. Arbitrage betting was further crippled in the UK with the recent online gambling tax laws, which forced a few of the arb-friendly betting sites to stop working with customers from the UK altogether. So let’s take a look and see where to arb bet on the Champions League:

If you are in the UK

Betfair – as noted earlier, fellow UK punters have really seen their arbitrage options dwindle in the past year or so. And at this time the only online bookmaker worth recommending for UK-player arbitrage is Betfair. On the bright side, however, Betfair has always been the best online bookmaker for arbitrage betting, period! The endless options, markets and odds on the always popular Champions League make this bookie the top sports betting site for arb punters. You can combine it with one of the top bookmakers and use Betfair to place your long-shot bets while betting the favourite at the other bookie, for example. Betfair is openly arbitrage-friendly bookmaker and one of the most reputable firms in the world, thus comes highly recommended by both reviewers and punters alike.

Outside the UK

If you are from a country outside to UK (or from the UK, but currently reside outside the UK) your options for arbitrage betting on the Champions League are slightly more numerous. In addition to Betfair, you can also arb at two famous bookies that are arbitrage-friendly: Pinnacle Sports and SBO Bet. Both sports betting companies were forced to leave the UK market after the new gambling regulations took effect, but everyone else is still able to enjoy the top quality service, odds and options at these online bookmakers. You can engage in arbitrage betting with both of them without breaking any company rules, i.e. open arbing is welcomed. Shop them against each other, Betfair or a recreational bookie for the best odds on the final few Champions League games and test your arbing skills today.