Best Football Bookmakers: Top sites for football betting online

best-football-bookmakers¬†Without a trace of exaggeration, football is the most popular sport when it comes to betting online with the bookies, accounting for as high as over 80% of the action, according to some estimates. This trend is much more pronounced in the UK (Mainland Europe and Asia, as well), so there is no surprise that when a punter is looking for a top quality betting site, chances are they are looking for the best football bookmaker. However, style of betting, personal preferences, country of residence: all these and more could greatly affect the perceived meaning of “best”. Overall, all the bookmakers we have reviewed on our website are great for betting on football, but we wanted to give a more in-depth information and pick a few betting websites according to various factors. You can skim through the list and see if any of those factors matter most to you, then have the easy choice of picking out the perfect bookie. Keep in mind that you can see the current signup offers of all the bookmakers below at our Free Bets page.

Best Football Bookmaker: OverallBetfair (Official Website)

A though choice, but when I asked myself honestly which bookie I would choose, if I was limited to just one pick, I would definitely go with Betfair. The famous betting exchange is just unbeatable when it comes to selection, prices, markets or customer service. While most online bookmakers would shy away from risky leagues in Eastern Europe or Asia, where match fixing is rampant, Betfair doesn’t care (hey, it rhymed). After all, they take no risk, since they are just offering a platform for matching punters. So if you need the largest selection of football games to bet on – this is the website for you. In addition, there are no limits on the size of the bets you can place, literally the high roller’s bookie. It’s reputation has remained untarnished for nearly two decades and we see Betfair as one of the most reliable betting sites, not only for football, but any other sport.

Best Football Bookmaker: Free Bets & Football Offers –¬† Coral (Official Website)

This high-street bookmaker has quickly become a respected name in the online betting world. We have to admit, when Coral first sets its focus on online betting over 10 years ago, their website started a bit shaky, customer service wasn’t on par, and neither were the odds, but credit where credit is due – they managed to sort out the initial problems quickly and today Coral is among the most recommended football bookmakers online. Great features like the ability to cash in your online winnings at any of their offline betting shops just added to the array of benefits their customers enjoy. But where Coral set itself ahead of the football betting pack is with the myriad of free bets and offers they publish daily. If you are a footy punter and want to maximize your bankroll – no better betting website than Coral! Get special odds on popular football matches, money-back guarantee bets, free bets, the list goes on and on, and it’s updated daily during football season to give you the most free bets and offers than any other bookie.

Best Football Bookmaker: Odds, Markets & ReputationBet365 (Official Website)

When it comes to reputation among the UK online punter, no other bookie comes close to Bet365. The Stoke-on-Trent based betting website has been offering amazing customer service and football betting options for over 20 years now and has done so from the very beginning. Winnings are always paid, problems are always solved, period. And while Betfair may have more options, as far as football leagues and games, Bet365 offers the most betting markets on the football matches they cover. One can literally bet on anything imaginable for each football match – from red cards, to goal scorers, to corners – imagination is the limit and the lads at Bet365 have plenty of it! Speaking honestly, I have made more money betting on the Bet365 football game markets rather than on the 1×2, there are some real gold nuggets there, if you are willing to look for them. But even for the punter who prefers to bet on the outcome of the game, the odds are often the best when comparing with the rest of the reputable betting sites.