Bookmakers’ advertisements not a sign of quality

 Today we will take an unusual and unexpected turn in our betting guides and will focus more on the cautionary side of sports betting on the internet, namely the advertisements the online bookmakers employ as a way of building a brand name recognition and, in some cases, unfounded trust.

We have all seen the advertisements of the bookies – all it takes is to watch one football game on the telly and you will see them literally everywhere – from the players’ shirt to the sideline banners, to the back-drop of the manager post-match interview, the viewers are bombarded with ads for online betting firms. And while we find nothing wrong with companies advertising their product, it has long been a thorn in our sight when we see a few bookmakers’ advertisements run on those sideline boards, bookies we know full-well are not worth even mentioning, because they have such a bad reputation with punters, we don’t want to run even the smallest chance of promoting them by mentioning their names.

Yet, those online bookmakers continue to advertise during every football league round, whether is in the EPL or Spain, or Italy. Obviously one of the main rules of marketing has proven once again true – advertisements build the sense of trust. A lot of people may be on the fence about joining a bookie, but when they see it advertised on every football game, it’s easy to say to one’s self “Oh, I know those guys, I see their name everywhere.” and join the bookmaker without any further due diligence. Sure, there are quite a few quality top bookmakers which also run huge marketing campaigns in nearly every football league in Europe, but that only aids in strengthening the subconscious belief that if the bookmaker advertises a lot – it must be a good and honest one. It’s easy to see why some people would think “Well, I see ads for Bet365 during the game, and I know Bet365 are on the up-and-up, so insert-some-other-bookies-name-here must also be good, otherwise they wouldn’t be allowed to advertise”, or something of that sort.

Well, we are here to tell you – don’t believe the hype! You know the requirements for running an ad campaign? A bank account with enough money to cover the advertisement fees, that’s all. We would like to take the time today and specifically underline the fact that one should never factor the marketing budget of an online bookmaker into the decision to join a bookie. Do your research, take advantage of websites like our, dedicated to listing only the top bookmakers online, visit some punter forums, see what’s most recommended out there by customers like yourselves and simply disregard any advertisements, good or bad. Because the easiest way for an online bookmaker to instill the sense of popularity is to spend money on advertisements, money probably stolen from their customers in the form of ridiculous fees, rules and ways of not paying them their winnings. Stick only with the top bookmakers and you’d be worry-free when wagering online.