Champions League Bookmakers: Bets bookies for Champions League betting

Champions-League-bookmakers With the Champions League in full force and the round of 16 underway, it’s the time many punters and fans alike cherish the most – great match-ups, awesome tally of games and above all – great opportunity for the punter to win some sizable bets. But as we always say – not all online bookmakers are created equal and choosing the right bookie for your Champions League bets could mean the difference between winning and winning more 🙂

Needless to say, the top bookmakers we recommend on our website represent the best selection of honest betting websites with many years of proven record in the industry. But some of them are much better geared towards the Champions League betting – some will run good bonuses for European football, others will have better odds, etc. It’s up to you to choose which one would give you the most value, but overall we recommend three betting sites to the UK punter, each one having its own strength. Here is our own list of the best bookmakers for Champions League betting:

Betfair – We are placing Betfair atop the list because the feature most important to the majority of punters is the almighty odds, and when we talk about odds, the Betfair betting exchange is the undisputed leader. The popularity of Betfair, in fact, grew exactly from the ability of the exchange to offer the best betting odds around, especially on very popular football matches like the Champions League games. So if you are looking for the top odds on the Champions League games, head on to Betfair and match yourself against the millions of other punters on the exchange.

Coral – the popular UK high-street bookmaker is a great proposition for your Champions League bets for a couple of great reasons. Number one is the gems you can find during the promotions Coral always run during the big football games. The bookie loves to publish “loss leader” betting odds before big games – odds which are very favorable to the punter and nearly guarantee a good return on your bet. On the flip-side, the limits on those bets are often smaller, usually up to £100 per bet; but if you are not a high-roller punter – it’s a great proposition. Another good feature of this online bookie for the UK punter is the option to cash in your online winnings at any of the Coral shops offline, giving you a fast access to your money, no waiting required.

Bet365 – as the most popular online bookmaker in Europe, it’s only natural the Bet365 would find its place on the list of best bookmakers for Champions League betting. Even though, if you are an avid punter, chances are you already have an account with this famous online bookmaker, it’s still worth mentioning that Bet365 is a great choice for betting on the Champions League games. The bookie offers some of the best odds available among the sportsbooks, the number of betting markets on each football game is absolutely staggering and the reputation of this bookie for customer service is unmatched. Although it’s not usual to find many promotions for the Champions League games, the bookie offers one of the largest sign-up bonuses for new customers – up to £200, which could give the smart punter a great starting point towards increasing their bankroll.